Friday, September 25, 2009

Lotoja Trip

My Biking Stud Muffin: There is this "little" race that Bryan likes to do. It is called Lotoja (which translates to Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.) Yes, people actually bike from Logan to Jackson in 1 day. It is 208 miles. Bryan has done it twice on his own, but this year his wife opted for him to do it on a relay team. This was the first year that I came with him and acted as support crew. I don't know how much support I was, but we had fun!

One of the highlights of the trip... eating at Maddox's in Brigham City before the race even began. I would drive all day again for some more of their raspberry butter.
Bryan's relay team: Brent Phillips, Aaron Pappa, Todd Christensen, Dave Morgan, and Bry. This is at the end of the race and they are all standing so it was a success!

Here we are with all of our friends that came to either watch or bike in the race. It was getting pretty cold by this point, and I was wishing that I wasn't in my running clothes. (I knew going for a run would end up being a bad idea.)
After the race we spent a day in Yellowstone National Park having fun with the Morgans and Christensens. We have about 100 pictures of geysers and various wildlife and such, but here is one of me and Bry by some of nature's finest.


  1. That looks like an amazing race. I haven't talked to you in forever. Email me so we can chat.

  2. Fun--just found your blog off of amber's. Don't know how you have time to do it all!

  3. Good for Bryan- that is a really long bike ride- even as part of a team! I think you guys are the most physically fit couple I know. You amaze me!